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Prime Group Hotels, Luxury currently operates and manage 5 hotels in the excellent standards mid market segment as hotels, Luxury & Restaurant in Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Each year, the company has grown step by step in adding more hotels and the group is moving forward with its ambitious plans to acquire more hotels.

Beside offering quality accommodation at the hotels, the group also specializes in Restaurants as well as in live entertainment and have established and expanded some of the brands which have now become world renowned.

The feature of The Prime Group’s hotels is their highly motivated and well trained staff that provides the kind of attentive, personalised and warm service that is rare today.

The hotel features luxurious rooms, conference rooms, banquet halls for functions and a world famous vegetarian restaurant which specializes in Maharashtrian food delicacies. We are committed to the highest standards of hospitality and feel proud when guests come back and stay with us time and again.

Our Staff

A well-coordinated team is integral to the success of our hotel. Our managers are trained hotel management experts who administer all aspects of the hotel for the well being of our revered guests. Our staff members are equally hospitable, warm, well mannered, finely groomed and attentive at the same time. We provide adequate training to each and every staff member to match up the quality standard we render in our services. They are infused with the core values that we follow in our business because we believe that without a through understanding of the real essence of hospitality, one is not competent enough to live up to the expected mark in this particular industry.


We aim to have a complete customer centric approach in all our endeavours.

We continuously aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services.

We strive to align our goals and values with those of our customers and we establish an enduring relationship by exceeding their expectations.


Our endeavour is to maintain highest standards of quality and efficiency in a pursuit of excellence acquired through constant improvement and learning.